Coaching Observation Checklist

Intended Audience: Observers assessing quality of coaching

Purpose: The checklist provides a way to assess the quality of coaching provided in a coaching conversation/session. It can also be used to provide ongoing feedback so coaches can continually improve their practices. The 18-item tool spans the domains of Structure, Content, Communication, and Efficacy.

Instructions: Individual(s) should complete the checklist while observing a coaching session. For each item, check whether the indicator was not observed, partially executed, or completely executed during the session. Results from the checklist can be used to assess or guide coaching; the items in the Efficacy domain are especially useful for providing ongoing feedback.

Citation: Brussow, J.A., Gaumer Erickson, A.S., Noonan, P., & Jenson, R. (2013). Coaching observation checklist. Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning.

Where to Find: Click here to download a pdf version of the complete survey.