Observation Checklist for High-Quality Professional Development

Intended Audience: Observers assessing the delivery of professional development and providers planning professional development

Purpose: The Observation Checklist for High-Quality Professional Development - Version 3 (HQPD Checklist - 3) was designed to be completed by an observer to determine the inclusion of evidence-based adult learning indicators within professional development. These data should be incorporated into ongoing feedback and coaching to the individuals who provide professional development. Furthermore, the indicators, and associated examples, can be used as guidance when designing or revising professional development. The tool represents a compilation of indicators, identified through a review of relevant research and more than fifteen years of experience evaluating professional development, that promote learning and implementation of evidence-based practices. 

To learn more about the checklist and see how it can be used for training development and evaluation, watch this webinar by Dr. Pattie Noonan presented in a webinar series sponsored by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs and the National Association of State Directions of Special Education. The complete webinar series provides information on each implementation science driver.

Publication: Gaumer Erickson, A.S., Noonan, P.M., Brussow, J. & Supon Carter, K. (2016). Measuring the quality of professional development training. Professional Development in Education. DOI: 10.1080/1941525.2016.1179665.

Instructions: Individual(s) should complete the checklist while observing the delivery of professional development. For each item, check whether that indicator was present in the professional development and provide evidence from the training to support that assessment.

Citation: Gaumer Erickson, A.S., Noonan, P.M., Ault, M., Monroe, K., & Brussow, J. (2020). Observation checklist for high-quality professional development [Version 3]. Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas. 

Download: Click here to download a PDF of the HQPD Checklist. For a guidance document providing examples of each indicator, click here.