Team Functioning Scale

Intended Audience: Any educational team

Purpose: This 17-item scale can help teams assess their current level of functioning and identify areas in which they can improve. Items assess three different domains of team functioning: Structure, Communication, and Focus.

Publication: Gaumer Erickson, A.S., Noonan, P.M., Supon Carter, K., McGurn, L., & Purifoy, E. (2015). The Team Functioning Scale: Evaluating and improving effectiveness of school teams. International Journal of Educational Research, 69, 1-11.

Instructions: Each team member completes the survey while considering the last three team meetings. Items on the left are examples of low levels of team functioning, while corresponding items on the right represent high levels of team functioning. Select the appropriate number on the scale between the items to indicate the observed level of team functioning. A team composite report with aggregated data is automatically generated once multiple team members have completed the scale.

Citation: Gaumer Erickson, A.S., & Noonan, P. (2012). Team functioning scale. Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning.

Where to Find: To learn more about the scale, please contact Dr. Amy Erickson at

Download: Download the survey items and a sample summary report.